Complete Car Repair and Maintenance in Plainview

Here at Paul Waller Garage, we make sure we serve you with affordable, quality auto repair and maintenance work. We provide the following services:

Engine repair and overhauls

From gaskets to a complete overhaul or new engine, we are the only full-service engine repair shop in Plainview. Our technicians and equipment are second to none for minor or major engine repair in Plainview.

Chassis Repair

Your chassis is the frame the the rest of you car sits on top of. With time and exposure the chassis tends to rust and requires special attention. At Paul Waller Garage we provide bumper to bumper car care and a critical part of that is making sure your chassis is stable.

Transmission repair and overhauls

Without proper maintenance, your transmission can make for costly repairs. Whether it is time for maintenance on your transmission or a complete overhaul we have you covered. Our technicians are the best mechanics in Plainview.

In house machine shop

We operate a machine shop in house for complete engine repair. This gives us the ability to machine parts quickly and at a better degree of exactness.


A tune up is considered regular maintenance where we inspect and repair parts and components in the electrical and fuel systems of a vehicle to help it run at it's best.

Wheel alignments

Wheel alignment helps your car handle correctly and tires wear evenly. Alignment is essential to safety with your vehicle. Most cars on the road today require a 4 factor alignment that is critically sensitive. At Paul Waller Garage we have the latest technology to give you the best alignment available.


Your brakes are one of the most critical pieces of your vehicle and contain hundreds of components that must be installed and maintained correctly. From routine maintenance to a complete brake system we can handle your needs.

Electrical and computer diagnostics

Our modern vehicles have dozens of computers and hundreds of sensors. It is not as easy has plugging your car into the computer and running a code. When you are having computer or electrical issues you need an experienced mechanic that can not only read the codes, but follow the trail of what is causing the issue.

Suspension repair

Your suspension not only helps maintain a smooth ride, but is essential to accurate handling. Whether repairs or maintenance, Paul Waller Garage can handle your shocks, struts, and any suspension needs.

Air conditioner and heater repair

When you need it, your air conditioner or heater has to be running correctly. Different makes and models require a special knowledge and tool set to properly service your air conditioning and heating systems.

State inspections

Many auto repair shops can perform state inspections. To offer that service your shop and technicians must pass a state certification process each year. We are proud that each of our technicians has passed this certification and can properly perform a state inspection on your vehicle.

Oil changes

Often called the life blood of your engine, your oil will literally make or break your car. All vehicles need regular oil and filter changes between 3,000 and 5,000 miles, but some will require more special attention depending on their usage in the field or on the road. We provide regular oil changes in Plainview as well as help you outline a proper maintenance schedule for your specific needs.

Rear axle repair

The axle on your car is not like the axle on a little red wagon – it is far more complex and needs an expert for any repairs. At Paul Waller Garage in Plainview, our mechanics have extensive knowledge on repair and maintenance of all the pieces of your drive train and rear axle repair.

Fleet services

Fleets for your company or organization require a unique approach. With the high miles, hard work, and varied drivers, it is important to have your fleet maintenance and repairs handled by a qualified third party. We have a unique system to keep track of each vehicle in your fleet from regular maintenance to major repairs. We can help you track the expenses and determine what is in your best interest for a fleet of any size.